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Posted by inticeonline on 11/06/2009



iLove ReGGae is the event that embodies the true culture of the Toronto party atmosphere.. Enough of these genres of music that doesn’t capture the imagination of the people, iLove ReGGae cuts straight to the point to what we actually go for when we get dressed up to go to parties, which is to dance and reminisce on true emotional experiences through reggae!

The venue of the night is Dazzling Lounge (291 King street W.) with music provided by DJ Cross from Fusion 3 & Fire kid Steenie, the Biggest & Baddest of Mc’s in Toronto, providing every aspect of what reggae has to offer… also starring special guest DJ Kidd Tempo of Fly Kid Ent.

iLove ReGGAE is a party dedicated to bringing together all aspects of reggae, from lovers rock to ol’ time bubbling tunes; from mash-up tunes to the classic dancers anthems. This event is an event you don’t wanna miss out on..

Hosted by the King Jermaine also known as FREEZY

Dresscode is HEAVILY enforced: 21+ for the Gentlemen, 19+ for the females

MEN come As Gentlemen. NEAT, SHARP & CLEAN. ABSOLUTELY no baggy clothing, fitted hats,runners, sun glasses & sports Gear

FEMALES keep it Clean, UPSCALE & CLASSY.. iLove REGGAE is a party for the matured clientele, we encourage u to come on point..

Come join us Friday November 27th inside Dazzling as we show Our love to the genre of music that really makes us dance and get loose….

Incorporation: HeavyWeight Ent, Fusion 3, for the ladies promo, kiss, MAJOR LEAGUE PROMO… Booths and Birthday packages decorated by the lovely Sweat treats…


All booth specials include line bypass and admission for 6 people
And treats provided by sweet treats.

Jamaicans holiday Special
Henesse & Appleton 425$

Vodka island
Grey Goose & Absolute Vodka 375$
Champagnes and wines
Moet & Chandon
Fourny & Fils Rose. 350$

Ladies special
Red Alize & Bacardi 325$

For all your party info please call

Click on Flyer Below


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Trey Songz- I Invented Sex (Official Video)

Posted by inticeonline on 11/06/2009


So this Video is Something intense that’s for sure. not much you can say but wow!, Check it out

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Rihanna Undercover Photoshoot, Finally Opening Up About the Chris Brown Situation

Posted by inticeonline on 11/04/2009


Pictures of  Rihanna on location for her shoot with Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year December covers. Rihanna finally speaks out on her domestic abuse situation to Glamour

Let’s first talk about life before you made it: You are one of the few pop stars
in recent years to come from the islands.
Rihanna: I would have never dreamed that my career would be this successful. I grew up in an average home in Barbados, and we didn’t live in the best neighborhood. But I was never aware that we were poor; my mom never made us feel that way. She loved me unconditionally. She made us feel anything was possible and instilled in me such confidence.

Glamour: Did you sing a lot as a kid?
Rihanna: Always—in the shower, to pillows and stuffed animals, my cousins. But I knew I wanted my music to be heard worldwide. That was my dream. I was able to make demos whenever I had vacation time, but my mom always said, “You are not stopping school until you get signed.” And even when I got signed, she still made me go to school.

Glamour: You auditioned for Jay-Z at Def Jam. What was that like?
Rihanna: I was nervous as hell. The night before, I couldn’t sleep. I was trying on a million different outfits and makeup. I remember seeing Jay-Z and starting to shake. I thought he would be in a suit, sitting behind a desk with a cigar. But he was totally chill, wearing sneakers and a T-shirt. Then I went into audition mode. I knew it was all or nothing. Right away, the Def Jam people said, “You can’t leave the building.” They closed the door, and the lawyers stayed until 1:00 or 2:00 A.M. to do the deal.

Glamour: That literally is the definition of overnight success!
Rihanna: In a matter of weeks, the first single [“Pon de Replay”] went to radio. Then we shot a video, and the song just took off. I was in the Top 10 with huge artists who I looked up to. Jay-Z kept telling me, “This never happens, so don’t get used to it.” I saw how special that moment was.

Glamour: What’s the most valuable piece of advice Jay-Z’s ever given you?
Rihanna: In the beginning of my career, he said, “You must be a good person, because good things are happening for you, but you have to stay humble.” One thing that intrigued me about him was that he was such a huge artist and really down-to-earth. I felt like if he was saying this, it must work.

Glamour: Let’s talk about this past year—you’ve obviously been through some difficult things. How did the people around you help you cope?
Rihanna: My friends and family have been extremely supportive, and everyone has been there for me. But at some point you are there alone. It’s a lonely place to be—no one can understand. That’s when you get close to God.

Glamour: Are you referring to the [Chris Brown] incident?
Rihanna: I am talking about starting with the night [before] the Grammys and then on. That was not the only thing that occurred this year. The picture leaking…it was one thing after another.

Glamour: You’re talking about the photo [reportedly of Rihanna’s injured face taken by police after Brown assaulted her] that was allegedly leaked by cops. You handled that so well; you kept silent in the press.
Rihanna: It was humiliating; that is not a photo you would show to anybody. I felt completely taken advantage of. I felt like people were making it into a fun topic on the Internet, and it’s my life. I was disappointed, especially when I found out the photo was [supposedly leaked by] two women.

Glamour: How has this event changed you as a person, as a woman?
Rihanna: I’m stronger, wiser and more aware. You don’t realize how much your decisions affect people you don’t even know, like fans.

Glamour: Do you think you’ve gotten your strength from your mom?
Rihanna: Definitely. My mom gave us the tools to survive…. My parents separated when I was eight or nine. I helped her raise my [youngest] brother, because my mom was working all the time. He’s my favorite.

Glamour: Do you feel that this experience has laid the groundwork for coping with anything so public again?
Rihanna: It has taught me so much. I felt like I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears. That was the level of media chaos that happened the next day. It was like, What, there are helicopters circling my house? There are 100 people in my cul-de-sac? What do you mean, I can’t go back home?

Glamour: If you could offer a message to the millions of young women who look up to you, what would you tell someone who found herself in a similar situation?
Rihanna: Domestic violence is a big secret. No kid goes around and lets people know their parents fight. Teenage girls can’t tell their parents that their boyfriend beat them up. You don’t dare let your neighbor know that you fight. It’s one of the things we [women] will hide, because it’s embarrassing. My story was broadcast all over the world for people to see, and they have followed every step of my recovery. The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. I want to give as much insight as I can to young women, because I feel like I represent a voice that really isn’t heard. Now I can help speak for those women.

Glamour: I think that’s a great message. What about your new album? What’s it like?
Rihanna: I was involved in a lot of the writing. I put everything I’ve wanted to say for the past eight months into my music. The songs are really personal. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s really hip-hop: If Lil’ Wayne and Kings of Leon like my album, then I’ll feel good. I would not change anything about it. Even if people don’t love it, I made exactly the piece of art that I wanted to make. It’s super fearless—which is exactly how I feel right now. I am in a really good place.

Glamour: Justin Timberlake said it sounds a little more grown-up—do you agree with that comment?
Rihanna: I agree. I have grown up a lot since my last album. It [represents] exactly where I am at right now.

Glamour: Jay-Z once said that your challenge as an artist was going to be to make people relate to you as a human being. What do you think he meant by that?
Rihanna: Before, there was an innocence to me. It was a perfect image. So the minute I did something imperfect, it was a big deal. I think that’s what he was referring to: People forget that after we get to our hotel rooms at night, we take a shower, we watch TV, eat room service and do normal things. Behind it all, we are still human beings.

Glamour: Now let’s talk about your success in the world of fashion: You have become a fashion icon practically overnight. What does it mean to you as a performer, as a creative person, as a way to celebrate who you are?
Rihanna: Fashion for me is another way I get to express myself creatively. It is one of the fun things I get to do: to play dress-up, and create outfits and looks that aren’t typical. I am an artist, so I like creating things. Shoes are my favorite thing.

Glamour: OK, so how many pairs do you own?
Rihanna: Too damn many! [Laughs.]

Glamour: Your look has evolved from the beginning of your career.
Rihanna: In the first two years of my career, there were a lot of restraints on what I could do. I couldn’t wear certain colors of lipstick, like bright pink, dark pink or red; [my lips] had to be natural. Eventually, I stopped communicating with certain people at the label, and did exactly what I wanted to do. And that was to cut my hair, dye it black, change my clothes, change my sound. Really to just express myself.

Glamour: Let’s talk about that famous hair of yours. Your cut now is even called “The Rihanna” in salons!
Rihanna: Yeah, we cut it into a bob for the [Good Girl Gone Bad album] cover shoot, but then I went even shorter for the NRJ Music Awards [in January 2008]. My hairdresser just said, “I don’t feel like doing your hair anymore—I want to cut it.” I was like, Finally!

Glamour: On to your charity work: What in your own life inspired you to start the Believe Foundation?
Rihanna: I have always loved kids. They are little adults with so much personality, and it is fun to work with that. Whether that means donating school supplies
or medication, or [using my celebrity] to get them a bone marrow transplant, I want to help.

Glamour: You actually helped a young girl and a mother of two, both of whom were suffering from leukemia, find bone marrow matches for transplants. How did that happen?
Rihanna: My manager sent me a video this little girl did for her best friend. It shows them playing, and then Isabelle says to the camera, “This is my friend Jasmina, and here’s how you can help her: Swab your mouth for DNA, and put it into an envelope.” They were both adopted and have the best bond—they are inseparable. The video made you fall in love with both of them. I was like, I have to help her. So I did a bunch of events to raise awareness. Just when we thought we were not going to find a donor, we found one. The other woman, Lisa, is a mother of two who was diagnosed with leukemia and was going to die if she didn’t get a bone marrow transplant. I knew she could not leave her two kids; that’s all that was going through my head. So we said a lot of prayers, sent out press releases and did events in order to get the word out. Her transplant was successful. She was in a lot of pain, but she was so strong and determined.

Glamour: Wow, that’s amazing. So here you are, only 21, and you have already accomplished so much. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Rihanna: So much has happened in the past five years, I can’t speak for the next five. What I want is to continue to grow. Because I am never satisfied; I always want more. I always want to get better. I always want to climb another step.

Glamour: Is it too early for you to think, I want to be in love, I want to have a family? Is that too far down the road?
Rihanna: I hope I find love in the next 10 years—that will be pretty annoying if I am 31 and still have never been in love! But yeah, I’d like to be in a great place in both my personal life and my career. I still want to be doing what I love. Whatever that is in 10 years, I don’t know.

Glamour: Well, congratulations on being a Woman of the Year!
Rihanna: It is an honor. The women who are being honored are all such great inspirations to me. I look up to them.

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Celebrity Halloween

Posted by inticeonline on 11/02/2009

Photo’s from halloween

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Twitter: Chris Brown says Natalie Nunn is Crazy!

Posted by inticeonline on 11/02/2009


So on Oct. 31st there was a “Good Girls Gone Bad Pre-Halloween Bash” in Hollywood. Natalie Nunn was asked about the recent Chris Brown rumor ( That he had already denied was true ).  Natalie says “Well, We kicked it together, but I wont say if he hit or not. Good girls don’t tell” Then when told she was a “bad girl” & not a “good girl“. Then she was asked if him still making love odes toward Rihanna and what not, via Twitter. made her upset, or that she didn’t put it on him right? She said “I put it on him! He had fun when we kicked it! He is a close friend now” but,  According to his twitter, he JUST said you guys don’t know each other and that you are crazy!  She replied “Whatever. We kicked it” But, Even though he denied kicking it with you. Natalie’s last statement was “Well, I don’t know about that. The proof is in the pudding.” Hmmm?


So now Chris took it to his twitter page to try and do some damage control.  this is what tweeted on the current situation about him and “bad girls club” Member Natalie Nun.


If this is true what chris is saying, then some girls will do anything for a little attention to bring there name up , just for some negative or positive exposure, especially when your a reality tv girl. not cool at all!

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SHYNE is Back in Belize

Posted by inticeonline on 11/01/2009


Shyne is back in Belize with his family. He landed the other day but still hasn’t made any statements with the media because his lawyer wasn’t present at the time. According to his uncle, Shyne is renting the whole floor of a hotel so, he can have some Peace & Quiet…

Shyne emerged from the plane in a Harvard Law School sweat shirt and a pair of headphones around his neck. The rapper sported a full head of parted hair. He was hugged first by his godmother then his manager and others including one of his attorneys, Oscar Michelin, followed by Pulu Lightburn. Emerging to meet him at the stairs of the VIP room was his mother Imeon Myvette. She escorted him inside for the processing of his freedom on Belizean soil. After greeting with his father in the privacy of V.I.P. area, Shyne’s uncle, Michael Finnegan, gave the media an update on his status.

Michael Finnegan, Shyne’s Uncle: Shyne is home. He wants to say how happy he is to be home and to be a free man. He would love to have a conversation with the media but because he was legally advised by Professor Ogletree, he must not speak to the media because he doesn’t want to prejudice his situation any at all with the US government or with the Belize government. So he asked me to ask you that he don’t want to disrespect you the media, but please to understand what is going on. You could see the tears in his eyes as they hugged and the romantic situation in there especially with his Grandmother and with his father, with his younger brother Anwar, they hugged and neva want let go one another.

Jose Sanchez [Channel 5]: Will there be a family dinner tonight with everybody, father included?

Michael Finnegan: No, there will be no—we are not a formal kind of people so we will play it by ear. His residence at my place is two weeks away from completion so he has rented a complete floor at Radisson Fort George Hotel. So every room on a floor was taken by him whether ih wah use it or noh use it. He said that after going through the eight and a half years he has gone through, he needs some privacy, he needs noh to deh round nobody, he needs just to sit down in isolation and contemplate his life. And I think that we need to respect that. If you notice, he has lost an extreme amount of weight.

Jose Sanchez [Channel 5]: As uncle what were your first words to him?

Michael Finnegan: come yah old bwai. That’s all I said to him cause when he was small and di raise ah I used to call ah old fart. So come yah old fart, come yah old bwai. Dat dah di way we greet one another when we talk on di phone. But he’s in good spirit, he is in good health but he is a bit frail.

Shyne, in the company of his brother Anwar, left the airport in a red Ford Expedition towards the Youth Hostel on the Western Highway where he gave a pep talk to youths. Like the prodigal son, the former bad boy, returned home to open arms….

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Jay-Z Feat. Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Posted by inticeonline on 11/01/2009


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Jay-Z In Toronto For Halloween

Posted by inticeonline on 11/01/2009

Jay-Z was in Toronto Canada for a show  & a Party On Halloween Night.  In the spirit of Halloween he came out with a mask on as a costume.


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Bow Wow & Teairra Mari A New Couple?

Posted by inticeonline on 11/01/2009


Bow Wow and Teairra Mari were spotted at the Hawks game over the weekend. The two have been spotted spending a lot of time together lately leading  many people to believe that they may be more than just friends.

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Birdman and Lil Wayne Being Sued

Posted by inticeonline on 11/01/2009


Lil Wayne’s issues with the judicial system are continuing to add up. As he awaits sentencing for that infamous gun charge, he’s being hit with a lawsuit for unpaid compensation from an old business associate. Wayne and Birdman, are being taken to court for copyright infringement for their work on Like Father/Like Son.

Thomas Marascuillo of Florida claims that his voice was used without permission or pay on tracks from their Like Father, Like Son album and Baby’s 5 Star Stunna.

Marascuillo filed a lawsuit Friday against Birdman, Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and several music outlets seeking payment. According to the lawsuit, Cash Money Records had him “cut some Italian style spoken word recordings” in 2006 for the father and son team’s album. He then claims the recordings were used on four tracks from Like Father/Like Son and five tracks from Baby’s 5 Star Stunna without compensation.  

According to him, he found out his voice was being used without his permission after his daughter discovered the track “Respect” when trying to buy a ringtone. He also claims that his son was fired from his job as a recording engineer at Cash Money after Marascuillo began seeking payment.

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Kristin Cavallari Delusional?

Posted by inticeonline on 10/30/2009


Kristin Cavallari is under the illusion that “her” The hills show is at #1.

reported recently that since the departure of Lauren Conrad and the arrival of Kristin, The Hills has stared to roll down in the ratings, grabbing numbers nowhere near as good as the olden days.
A serious actor would look at that kind of news and attempt to work with the producers and writers to fix the problem. For Kristin, it means denying that anything is wrong and shoving the blame onto everyone else BUT her if it is.

She says:
No, they are not! We had one drop because of the Hip Hop awards on VH1, but then they went up the next week…At the end of the day it’s not up to me to make a great TV show. It’s the whole crew, the whole cast. It’s not just on me. I think to put all that pressure on me is pretty unfair.”

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Kim Kardashian has Started Planning her Wedding

Posted by inticeonline on 10/30/2009


Sources close to Kim say she has started planning process for her fantasy wedding to boyfriend Reggie Bush.  Kim apparently was inspired by Khloe and Lamar’s love union.

Kim, who just reunited with Reggie in August, is ready to take their love to the next level.  A source tells us that Kim and Reggie’s love is stronger than ever.  The two are said to have started planning their own wedding after Kim asked Reggie about walking down the aisle in New Orleans after attending Khloe’s wedding.  Surprisingly, Reggie said “lets do it.

The two are pushing for a 2010 wedding.  We hear Kim is out looking for engagement rings, the top wedding designers and caterers to help make the wedding even bigger than Khloe’s. We hear the cameras will be rolling for this event too… Another Kardashian season in the making?

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Toni Braxton in her New Video

Posted by inticeonline on 10/30/2009

Toni Braxton is still looking good At 43 Years old. In her new video titled “Yesterday”, Toni’s got her some young meat in this Video,  The video is coming soon, but here are some videos in the mean time. and you can listen to the song

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Teyana Taylor Clears Up Some Stuff

Posted by inticeonline on 10/30/2009

teyana_taylorTeyana Taylor set the record straight about her relationship with Chris, her virginity and Perez Hilton calling her a dumb bit*h.

On Chris:
Chris is my brother. I’ve always said that. People say a lot of things about me and I’m like I’m only 18. Really??? Is it that serious? People have said I was gay and all type of stuff. Yeh some bloggers, well not really bloggers, but the commenters have said that about me. How can I be gay if I’m still a virgin?

On being a Virgin:
The one thing people can never say is that I’m a hoe. I have a purity ring. The only time you get in trouble is if you attempt to do something. If you’re laying up on a boy then something is going to happen. So I just keep my legs closed until I am ready for that. I can’t have a boyfriend because the only thing they want to do is have sex. I don’t want no fingers up there, no penis, nothing!!! Uh uh (shaking her head no).

On Perez Hilton calling her a dumb bit*h

A while back I took up for Chris Brown and got called a dumb b*tch by Perez Hilton. I mean that was crazy. He got mad because I wouldn’t respond back to him. He just wanted the publicity and he is not gonna get it on my back. I took up for Chris because he was my friend and my brother even before the Rihanna stuff. I’m not gonna leave him because he made a mistake

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Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


The Beautiful and Very Talented Ms. Kim Davis. A Toronto R&B Singer Who has an Amazing! Voice, That could Blow you away. She Also Sings Songs such as “Hush” Ft. Sizzla, “Sometimes” ,”Valentine 4 Life” And “Chick you need” Ft. Jonny Roxx. She has a Video For Valentine 4 Life, and also Featured on Songs “4 Play” With Ron D & Daniel Daley, And “Lets Get Away” By King Roti , Which Both Have Videos you can check out on YouTube.




TORONTO: FLOW 93.5 – 416 214 5000
NEW YORK: HOT 97 – 800 223 9797
POWER 105 – 800 585 1051
LA: V100 “THE BEAT” – 888 696 1003
POWER 106 – 818 520 1059
MIAMI: 99 JAMZ – 866 991 JAMZ (5269)
POWER 96 – 305 550 9696

Click HERE to Vote for “Show me the way” On “WBLK’s UNSIGNED HYPE COUNTDOWN”


By Clicking The blue Vote Button You Can Vote “Show Me The Way” on

Here you can listen to “Show me the Way” , we know you will enjoy this song, its Great! . Her Album “LIVE, LOVE, LEARN” is Also now available on iTunes! so make sure you get that if you havnt already Also you can check her out on her website at

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The Cypher

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


The BET Hip Hop Awards brings the heat again in this years “The Cypher”. Each year they take MC’s that rep hip hop lyricism to the fullest, from all different corners of the world and let them spit 16-24-32 bars or so.

This included: Mos Def (Brooklyn), Black Thought (Philly) and Eminem (Detroit)

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Chris Brown Rocks New Jersey Stage

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009

Chris B

Getting back into his spot, Chris Brown was spotted performing at the Power 105.1 Powerhouse ’09 concert On October 27

The “Kiss Kiss” hitmaker looked to be in top form as he took the stage at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, channeling the spirit of Michael Jackson with his attire and moves.

And according to fellow performer and friend Trey Songz, Mr. Brown’s triumphant return to the stage was nothing short of amazing.

Chris is a performer. In spite of all that’s been going on in his personal life, he’s gonna get out there and perform. I’m confident in that. As a friend, as a brother, I wanna see him go out there and shut it down. I believe everybody deserves a second chance. In God’s eyes, none of us are perfect, and he forgives us every day. He deserves a second chance, and I commend Power 105 for giving it to him.

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Rochester ft. Daniel Daley Whats it gon be (Official Music Video)

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


Hot! New Joint & Video,The First Single “Whats it gon be” off of Rochester’s New Album Called “The Cook Book” Avalable at Make sure you Get The Album & Check out the Video. & You can Download the Track HERE .. 🙂 Enjoy.

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True Blood Gets Gayer? In Third Season!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


Everyone is LOVING True Blood and next season, writer-director Alan Ball is giving everyone even more juicy story lines to suck on!

The big news for season 3 is the introduction of the much awaited homo-erotic vampire king of Mississippi. Alan sat down for an interview recently and discussed how the show is going to be taking a big, gay leap in the new season:

Were the gay metaphors something you envisioned immediately as you read the books?
Alan Ball: All that is in the books. Also, there are a lot of gay characters in the books as you get further and further into them. We’ll be introducing some of those gay characters this new season.

What other gay characters will be introduced in season 3?
We’ll be meeting the vampire king of Mississippi and his long, long-term companion — and by long-term I mean really long-term — Talbot. I think Lafayette may meet a love interest, and certainly Pam, who works with Eric, she’s certainly got a lesbian vibe — I don’t know that that’s all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women.

What do you think it is about the vampire genre that’s so appealing to LGBT fans?
I think it’s certainly not a huge step for LGBT people to identify with any group of characters that are, as a group, outsiders, that mainstream society feels threatened by; that are fabulous and powerful and sexy and all of that stuff.

Lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne is romantically linked to Sookie’s cousin, Hadley. Is there a possibility that the queen will also fall for Sookie?
I think Sophie-Anne is definitely interested in Sookie; I don’t believe it’s for sexual or romantic reasons but she is definitely interested in Sookie and whatever it is about Sookie that is special beyond the realm of what is human, and that’s something that we definitely will learn more about in the upcoming season.

Denis O’Hare has just been cast as a regular for season 3. His character Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, is gay in the books, so is this something we can expect to see in season 3?
I think the kings and queens of the various states are aware of each other, and yes, he definitely knows who she is. Whether or not they end up in a scene together I can’t really say; it depends on actors’ availability and scheduling and those kinds of things. But they definitely are aware of each other.

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Weezy is Living it Up as A “Free” Man Before He Has to Go Behind Bars

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


Just cause Wayne may be going to jail for a year, he’s not going to stop partying it up obviously!.  He was seen getting it in at a Miami hot spot last weekend.  Wonder who he was with partying this time?

A spy says Wayne was living it up with Nelly at “Liv” nightclub with a huge group of women and stayed until 4 a.m. Well Its ok Do your thing!,We guess Wayne has to get all his partying in before his February sentence, when he’s expected to face up to a year in jail. Wayne pleaded guilty last week to possessing a .40-caliber semi-automatic that cops found in a bag on his tour bus.

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Game Talks Name Change,Acting And R.E.D Album

Posted by inticeonline on 10/28/2009

HipHollywood caught up with Game on the set of Triple C’s “Gangsta Sh*t” and asked him about the name change and whether he will do any acting before his next album comes out.

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Things Amber Rose Says She’ll Never Do

Posted by inticeonline on 10/28/2009


LA Times Blogger Elizabeth Snead met Amber Rose the other night at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, and here’s what the model had to say about her relationship with Ford Models Agency:

I told them, ‘Don’t ask me to grow out my hair or lose any weight.’ I want to represent real women who have curves.”

But she agreed to not get any more tattoos – for now. But when her contract is up, look out. She wants a full sleeve.

Snead also noted, “Amber was seated next to me at the Elle magazine table. And I was shocked at how stunning she is in person. Photos do not do this girl justice. She has the most flawless skin – on her body, face and shaved head. It’s amazing.”

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SNEAK PEEK: Trey Songz’s – “Say Ahh” & “Invented Sex”

Posted by inticeonline on 10/28/2009

If pictures weren’t enough, Here’s a sneak peek video, as well.

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DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne’s “No Ceilings” Mixtape

Posted by inticeonline on 10/28/2009

Download Weezy’s “No Ceilings” Mixtape HERE


01. Swag Surfin’

02. Ice Cream Paint Job

03. D.O.A.

04. Interlude

05. Wasted

06. Watch My Shoes

07. Break Up (feat. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)

08. Banned From TV

09. Throw It In The Bag (Remix)

10. I Think I Love Her (feat. Tyga & Shanell)

11. Interlude #2 (feat. Shanell)

12. Wetter

13. I’m Good (feat. T-Streets)

14. Poke Her Face (feat. Jae Millz)

15. Run This Town

16. I Gotta Feeling

17. Outro

We know there will be more coming. Nothing Can Hold Weezy Back.!!

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R&B Singer Mario. Has a Girl?

Posted by inticeonline on 10/27/2009

marioMario has finally settled down ladies and yes believe it or not, it was right under everyone’s noses.

If you remember her , Mario’s new girl is Audra Simmons, who is apart of the girl group Rich Girl that just recently opened up for Beyonce on her US Tour.  Audra was also Mario’s leading lady in his past two videos.  “Breakin up” Feat. Gucci & Sean Garrett & “Thinkin About you” Hmmm’ Could Thinkin About you, have been written about her? Apparently, Audra left her boyfriend to be with Mario. The two were seen together at a party in NYC last month aswell. Hopefully it works out and their relationship doesn’t end up like the song “breakin up” Wish them all the best. Check out some pictures Below and Watch the 2 Videos . Of the New Couple. 🙂 Enjoy


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Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz – I Can Transform Ya

Posted by inticeonline on 10/27/2009


Chris Brown just dropped his video for “I Can Transform Ya” Today This one features Wayne & Swizz Beatz
so Check it out. The Official Video

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Chris Get Has Emotional Rant on Twitter

Posted by inticeonline on 10/26/2009


Chris Brown likes to use his Twitter to express his feelings. Apparently, he was reminiscing over Rihanna this weekend when one of his fans sent him a YouTube Video That was Made of the two… to the song the “The way we use to be” By Lee Carr.  Check out the Video Below.

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Khloe & Lamar Make Their Love Permanent…With Ink

Posted by inticeonline on 10/26/2009

khloe & LamarKhloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom got tattoos together on a whim this Saturday. “The moment was “spontaneous“, as Khloe explained on her blog, as well as very significant.

She writes:

I’m definitely a believer in tattoos as long as they are thoughtful and have significant meaning, which all of mine do. On my wrist I have “I love you” in my father’s handwriting and on my lower back I have a cross and angel wings with “Daddy” written above it in honor of my father and now I have my husband’s initials “LO”. Tattoos are something you’ll have for the rest of your life so it’s important to get one that truly means something to you.

When we were at dinner, I just knew I wanted a tattoo for Lamar in the web of my hand, and then once we got to the shop we decided on getting each other’s initials. I got “LO” in cursive on my right hand and he got “KO” on both hands. I love how my tattoo flows with the one I already have. It’s special to me, which is why I believe it’s worth it when it symbolizes something or someone that is important to you.

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Karina Pasian Sings For Lil’ Mama’s 21st B’Day!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/25/2009


Karina Pasian performed “The Love We Got” at Lil’ Mama’s 21st birthday party in New York City. That paticular song happens to be Lil’ Mama’s favorite song.  She also sang Happy Birthday (along with the crowd). Check it out Below.

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SWV (Sisters With Voices) Reunites!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/25/2009

Hot R&B group SWV (Sisters With Voices) have reunited and are currently recording a new album! Are ya’ll excited For This?! Here are the girls at a club appearance earlier this week…And They still look pretty good!


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