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Archive for September, 2009

Brandon Brown Music

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


Check Out another RnB Artist From Toronto
By the name of Brandon Brown
Hes also a Independent Producer/Songwriter

Check him out on MySpcae @

he’s also on itunes @

So make sure yall Check him out!


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Floyd Mayweather & Chilli Coupled up?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


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No Comment for This Picture.. but REALLY?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


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Justin and Rihanna Are Heating Up!

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

rihanna-and-justin-timberlakeAfter a 3-year relationship with Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake is wasting no time in moving on to sexy songstress Rihanna.

Supposedly they were dancing pretty hot and heavily at the VMAs after party in New York and then took their own party back to RiRi’s hotel room.

Word has it that Jessica found out about their rendezvous within days.

The new issue of Star magazine puts Rihanna & Justin “It’s On!” on their latest cover.

justin-timberlake-and-rihanna_388x525A source tells the mag:

Rihanna and Justin have been talking and texting on the phone nonstop since the VMAs. She asked him on the phone, ‘Are you still with Jessica?’ And he hinted that things were cooling off between them.

JT and Rihanna are said to be heating up the recording studio lately, not only with working together on her new album, but apparently RiRi was giving out lap dances to Justin as well!

Sounds like the attraction is definitely there between them and both of them are totally into it. Another source says that “she is a total tease and loves flirting with him. She digs him and wants to date him too!

Talk about a HOT new couple!

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Audrina Patridge Celebrates Court Victory

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


After spending most of her morning in court, Audrina Patridge was spotted out to lunch with friends earlier today (September 30).

The brunette beauty was granted a three year restraining order against her alleged stalker and looked pleased with those results as she lunched at Solar de Cahuengar restaurant afterward.

While in court, before the restraining order was granted, “The Hills” star was questioned by attorney Jeffery Rubenstein about several incidents which occurred with the alleged stalker, Zachory Loring, who did not appear in court, failed to stay 100 yards from Patridge.

“This has been a difficult and scary experience,” Patridge’s attorney said. “She hopes Mr. Loring gets help.”

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Amy Winehouse RAPS!??

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

Joining random singer Zalon in a jam session, Amy Winehouse busts into a rap/incoherent set of drug-induced ramblings below. Memorable lines include:

I never knew. I never knew that I, well, I know I’m a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican anyway. If you can smoke bacon, then I reckon that I never knew Zalon was so good at drums. It kind of makes me feel more dumb.

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Screen rights for Lauren Conrad’s debut novel, ‘L.A. Candy,’ snapped up

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

alg_lauren_conradThe new season of “The Hills” kicked off without Lauren Conrad this week – but the former reality show star is keeping plenty busy.

Her bestselling debut novel, “L.A. Candy,” is being made into a movie, Variety reports. Temple Hill Entertainment, most recently responsible for the “Twilight” movies, has bought the screen rights and Conrad will executive produce.

And if the 23-year-old’s book is any predictor of how the film will fare, expect a hit. The HarperCollins title has been on the New York Times’ bestseller list for 14 weeks.

The book centers on a 19-year-old who finds fast fame on a reality show after moving to Hollywood. The story is strikingly similar to that of Conrad – who first rose to fame on the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach” before scoring her own show, “The Hills.”

She left after last season, to be replaced by her former “Laguna Beach” foe Kristin Cavallari.

“Lauren, who became an icon in that reality show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book,” said Marty Bowen, a partner at Temple Hill. “We loved her take.

“Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize, wow, this isn’t at all what I’d planned for myself,” Bowen adds.

So Will U see the movie?!

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Miley Cyrus had a troubling concert

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

Miley_Cyrus_001_300608Miley Cyrus had a troubling concert Tuesday night in Salt Lake City and the poor girl performed even while sick – reportedly with strep throat!

After darting off stage during one of her first songs, 7 Things, her manager came out explaining to the audience that Miley wasn’t feeling well and she just needed a moment to recuperate.

Like a champ, Miley came back on stage and finished the rest of the show!

Apparently, she was very gracious to the fans, thanking them for being patient with her when she needed to take a break. She even took to her Twitter to thank the concert-goers for their support.

Hope you’re feeling better!

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Justin & Jessica Are OVER!?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

jessica-biel-justin-timberlakeFriends of Timberlake say the singer finally dumped his girlfriend of 3 years, Jessica Biel, last month over the phone.

Wow Justin.!

Timberlake told his pals that “it’s over” between he and Biel, even though other insiders
(Jessica’s friends) say that they can’t be positive the two have split because “with them it’s so hot and cold.

Apparently Jessica is refusing to give up the Timberlake with sources saying the actress is in “severe denial and won’t accept” the split.

Aw Poor girl!

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DMX Is Taking It To The Ring

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


After maintaining a low profile since his release from jail in May, rapper DMX is giving Mixed Martial Arts a try.

X is going head to head in the ring with Eric Martinez, CEO of Power Moves Entertainment and the rapper’s current representation.

Interesting career move don’t you think?

The fight is taking place on December 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.

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Mariah Wants to be a Mommy!

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

mariah-carey-sexyDuring a new interview with In Touch Weekly, the diva, along with her hubby Nick Cannon- Carey, opens up about her career, love life, and her desire to be a mommy.

When asked if they want kids, Mariah says they “definitely” want a family while Nick adds: “Yes, of course. It’s at the forefront of our minds. We’re very close. But we want to enjoy our first year together. We didn’t have a stable environment. The first year we were in LA in a hotel and then we were like, “Let’s get a house.”

Though the couple can’t decide if they’re gonna raise the kids in New York or LA, but they do know they’d like two kids.

Mariah adds: “Of course, we’d be happy with one. I want to be able to manage the right amount of attention. We are so busy — if you have six kids running around, no one gets what they need. Kids need a lot of attention.”

And if Mariah gets too old to have kids of her own, adoption isn’t out of the question.

Says Nick, “It’s never out of the question. I was raised by my grandmother, who was also a foster mom, so I grew up around a lot of kids.

But what about the extra weight gained during pregnancy? According to Mariah, she won’t mind it.

Adds the diva, “I’d be fine with it. I’m not one of those people who is usually a size 2 to start with and gets scared they will end up a size 3.”


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Former Hills Star Jason Wahler Serving Time in Jail! AGAIN!

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009

jason_wahlerWahler began his jail sentence last week for an assault and public intoxication charge the hard paartier picked up back in August.

Wahler slugged and threw his shoes at a security guard who kicked him out of a bar he was denied entry to in the first place!

Jason is currently on day five of his 120 day jail sentence at Yacima County Jail, but court officials say the ex-reality star may be released in 80 days for “good behavior.

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Kanye Throws ANOTHER Tantrum?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


Supposedly Kanye West threw a fit over the weekend at Common‘s charity concert at the Hollywood Palladium – all over some chicken!

While in the dressing room backstage, Kanye saw someone eating chicken and he freaked out shouting, “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? You want me to perform for free, and everyone is eating…why am I not eating?

The waiter told him it was because he didn’t ask and the rapper retorted, “Well, I”m asking now!” The waiter promptly got him the chicken to which Kanye responded by taking a single bite and throwing the rest out.


Apparently girlfriend Amber Rose looked pretty embarrassed and rightly so!

Seriously Kanye? Was That Necessary?

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Shakira an Actress!?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


Shakira is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of Ugly Betty. But,

she’s going to star as herself!

Silvio Horta, the show’s creator, says:

We’re huge fans of Shakira. We had a very memorable moment in the third episode where Betty has a makeover that goes wrong and she struts down the street to ‘Hips Don’t Lie.’ We’ve mentioned her several times over the course of the series and have always wanted to work with her. She’s an enormous Latina icon, as is Betty, and we though it was a perfect fit.

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Britney Spears’ new song

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


Britney Spears new song is about having a threesome.

The ‘Womanizer’ singer – who is known for wearing revealing, skin-flashing outfits on stage – has penned a track called ‘3’ which suggests she likes being intimate with two lovers at the same time.

On the track, Britney sings: “Three is a charm / Two is not the same / I don’t see the harm / So are you game?

The chorus continues: “One, two, three / Not only you and me / Got one eighty degrees / And I’m caught in between

Countin’ one, two, three / Peter, Paul and Mary / Getting’ down with 3P/ Every Body Loves


The racy song is due to appear on Britney’s upcoming LP ‘The Singles Collection’.

This is not the first time Britney’s career has taken a provocative twist.

The 27-year-old star – who as a teenager said she wouldn’t have sex before marriage – is currently on the road with her steamiest world tour to date.

‘The Circus Starring Britney Spears’ – which received rave reviews – features skimpy costumes, seductive dance moves, whips, latex and blindfolds.

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Tom Cruise&Katie Holmes splashed out £2 million

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have splashed out £2 million on their daughter’s clothes.

The Hollywood couple want three-year-old Suri to always looks her best, and think nothing of dressing her in designer outfits.

A source said: “Katie and Tom really splurge on Suri, and as they’re so famous they always get the top fashion designers to custom make her clothes.”

Suri has been spotted sporting outfits by Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Burberry.

Katie has even asked legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin to create special footwear for Suri.

The source added to Britain’s Closer magazine: “When Katie gets the Louboutins she always gets a few pairs so Suri can wear new shoes every time.

“Suri also has some £130 mary jane shoes from French designer Bonpoint. Suri often changes a few times a day too.”

Katie is even said to have smaller version of a £2,500 Valextra bag she bought made for Suri last year as the toddler was so desperate for her own version

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Rachelle’s Birthday Affair

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


ONE NIGHT ONLY ! …. ” get with it or get lost

Braught to you by| Rachelle Williams,Famous Troback Timeout,Dj-flacco Trinity sound

On Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 10:00pm – 3:30am

Location| Shallow Groove Lounge | 559 college street, Toronto

Info | WAYNE – 416.528.6257

Email |

This is a 19+ event!

$15 for everyone who’s on the guest list b4 12:00

and $20 for everyone who is NOT on the guest list


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Rachelle Williams Music

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

Check Out Rachelle Williams Music on Youtube at:

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Music from the Supreme Team

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

Some more Young Talent From Toronto , Make sure you check our there music and look out for them!

^ click


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Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009



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Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


898 markham rd. | South Of Ellesmere
(Scarborough, Ontario )
Doors open @ 9pm Sharp!

$10 Tickets on Sale Now


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Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

All ages event : in Brampton.
Club On QUEEN | 1701 Queen St. E
Sunday Oct. 11. 2009


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Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


Check Out 1 of Toronto’s Own Up Coming Rappers Priceless.
His Video to Ya Boy is Back/Why you Gotta Feat. Troy Black – check him out on
Facebook (
Price Daboss ) or MySpace @

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Stephanie Pratt Quitting The Hills!?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


The Hills is starting to go down one by one, as cast members are revealing their ultimate exits.

Kristin Cavallari sure knows how to scare the bitches off!

Stephanie Pratt, the “formerly” drug-addicted sister of Spencer Pratt, has revealed that she won’t be returning to the series after this season’s 10th episode.

She told reporters: “I don’t know how much more I can take of The Hills. It is very brutal. … It’s not because of Kristin. I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don’t think I can stand The Hills anymore.”

This news comes on the heels of Audrina Patridge’s speedy exit to get her own show, and news that
Lo BosworthThe Hills. may also be looking to get off

At this rate, they might as well cancel The Hills don’t you think

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Gossip Girl Gets A New Face To Enjoy!

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


Meet the new guy invading the Upper West Side lives of the Gossip Girl cast.

Little Jenny Humphrey, played by Taylor Momsen better look out, because Kevin’s character, Damien is an “international bad-boy love interest” brought in just for her.

Little J doesn’t have the best track record with boys on the show, so this may prove to be very juicy!

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R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole & T-Pain’s “Number 1 Sex” Remix

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


The Song is Pretty Graphic, But Take a Listen & enjoy!

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Chris Brown… You’re A Jerk??

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

chrisbrezyYour Boy Chris Brown was in Hollyweird at the Lebron James sponsored Celebrity All-Star Game. So He decided to start jerking during an interlude. go on Chris do your thing!

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Remember the show Smart guy??

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

Well… Apparently the sister from the show Actress Essence Atkins recently got married to her boyfriend Jamie Mendez who she met on a popular internet dating site last year in February. According to Essence, she met Jamie on and the two have been inseparable ever since

essencewedI wrote him a quick little note that I had read his profile, and then I signed off, Happy SAD Day – that’s Single Awareness Day,”  says Essence

A week later, Essence and Jamie had their first date and a year after that were engaged. The wedding took place at Ambassador Mansion and Gardens

in Pasadena, CA. The favors consisted of match books and travel size candles for people coupled up and the single guests received six months free membership on Match.Com. Jamie who is Puerto-Rican was surprised that his wife got him an original salsa band for the weeding.

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Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan Duke it Out over “The Bigger Dressing Room”

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009


Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan recently had a brawl over a dressing room in Singapore.

Was heard that Beyonce had high demands while in Singapore for the F1 Rocks concert. So Apparently, Lindsay Lohan, who was hosting the show for a British TV Network, Got the biggest dressing room, leaving Beyonce to the second best dressing room. But Beyonce wasn’t feeling that, so her entourage demanded that Beyonce have the biggest room since she was the bigger act there. so at the end she was able to boot Lindsay out the room.

Also from what people said beyonce didn’t even share her air conditioning fans with anyone else. According to sources backstage, the temperatures were high in the 90’s causing some people to pass out. so instead of turning on her AC fans to cool it off backstage, she chose to leave them turned off and only use them during her performance. A British DJ who was at the event and suffered heatstroke recalls “We were told, ‘No they are Beyonce’s fans.I wasn’t asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool.

And Ms. Diva Herself also demanded six beauty chambers, fitness equipment, an authentic fruit platter and tea

and honey along with other items that were listed in her 139 page list full of demands. If that’s not a real Diva! then i don’t know what is!


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EVE Lookin ever so fabulous

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

Don’t Yall Agree?



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