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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Celebrity Halloween

Posted by inticeonline on 11/02/2009

Photo’s from halloween


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The Cypher

Posted by inticeonline on 10/29/2009


The BET Hip Hop Awards brings the heat again in this years “The Cypher”. Each year they take MC’s that rep hip hop lyricism to the fullest, from all different corners of the world and let them spit 16-24-32 bars or so.

This included: Mos Def (Brooklyn), Black Thought (Philly) and Eminem (Detroit)

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Karina Pasian Sings For Lil’ Mama’s 21st B’Day!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/25/2009


Karina Pasian performed “The Love We Got” at Lil’ Mama’s 21st birthday party in New York City. That paticular song happens to be Lil’ Mama’s favorite song.  She also sang Happy Birthday (along with the crowd). Check it out Below.

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SWV (Sisters With Voices) Reunites!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/25/2009

Hot R&B group SWV (Sisters With Voices) have reunited and are currently recording a new album! Are ya’ll excited For This?! Here are the girls at a club appearance earlier this week…And They still look pretty good!


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Posted by inticeonline on 10/22/2009

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Young Black Men Step up

Posted by inticeonline on 10/21/2009

An Experiment was done, of a 7yr old girl acting as she was being abducted buy a man she did not know, watching the video you see couples and single people watch and keep walking. after hours of trying to get attention 2 black males went to approach the man. this is ridiculous . if he was a pedophile he would have been long gone with the little girl, Now imagin if that was your Daughter,Niece,or sister would you not want people to stop?, but Good job to the 2 men who actually cared enough to stop. the 1 man even dropped his bag and ran as if he was about to attack the man ,wow.

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JoJo Reaches Distribution Deal

Posted by inticeonline on 10/19/2009


Singer JoJo was having major troubles with her record label Blackground Records and the release of her new album “All I Want Is Everything”

JoJo eventually filed papers against Da Family Entertainment to get out of her contract, but it appears all is well again as a deal for distribution has been made!

She announced the happy news on her Twitter

The deal is done! Blackground/Interscope :) Longtime comin‘…”

Congrats! JoJo More of Jojo @

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Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/19/2009

Interracialcouple1interracial couple

This is unacceptable! In 2009! Really!?

An interracial couple was denied a marriage license from the justice of the peace of Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana. Now there is a demand that Keith Bardwell step down from the position.

Patricia Morris of the local NAACAP chapter says: “He’s an elected public official and one of his duties is to marry people. He doesn’t have the right to say he doesn’t believe in it. If he doesn’t do what his position calls for him to do, he should resign from that position.”

Apparently Bardwell’s reasoning for refusing to issue the marriage license to Terrence McKay and Beth Humphrey was that in his experience interracial marriages do not last and he worries about the couple’s future children. He insists that he’s not racist: “I’m not a racist. I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house. My main concern is for the children.”

his behavior is completely racist! Morris has said that she has forwarded the case to the statewide and nationwide levels of the NAACP.  Good!

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Five juveniles arrested for setting teen on fire

Posted by inticeonline on 10/16/2009

Brewer_burnedFORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, Police have announced the arrest of five juveniles for setting a teen on fire. between the ages of 13-15 have been arrested for committing an unthinkable crime:

The Broward County Sheriff himself spoke out about this horrendous case involving boys between the ages of 13 and 15 years of age at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. “Unfortunately, it just doesn’t reflect well on our community or our society,” said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Detectives learned Michael Brewer, 15, had skipped class from Deerfield Middle School Monday and went to the Lime Tree Apartments to visit a friend. At the complex, the five suspects approached Brewer with a jar of rubbing alcohol and a lighter. When he tried to walk away, police said, 15-year-old Denver Jarvis splashed him with alcohol and Jesus Mendez, also 15, used a lighter to set him ablaze.

Police said Brewer jumped into a nearby pool to extinguish the flames and left his burned clothes on the lawn. Police found the jar, which had held the alcohol, and a lighter nearby.


The suspects, who also include Steven Shelton and Matthew Bent, both 15, and 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis all face charges of aggravated battery. Mendez, who police said actually flicked the lighter, faces charges of attempted second degree murder.

It was horrific,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Steve Feeley, at the press conference. “This is one of the more horrific crimes that I have been associated with since I’ve been here at BSO. It’s just horrible that these kids would do this to our victim, and the victim is going to carry life-long scars, if he survives.

Police had announced the arrest of three teens earlier. They now said they have all who share responsibility for the attack that left Brewer at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center with second degree burns over up to 80 percent of his body. All those charged appeared in court Tuesday afternoon.

Brewer’s family had told police they think these children were motivated by vengeance. Brewer’s father said Bent, who would later participate in the attack, tried to steal his bicycle Sunday night. “Off my front porch– walked right on to my front porch,” recalled Michael Brewer Sr. on the day of the attack. “He told the cops that he was knocking on the door to get Michael, but he wasn’t.”

Brewer’s family called police. “We pressed charges and had the kid arrested,” said Valerie Brewer, the victim’s mother. “I really think this was a retaliation for having this child arrested.”

Bent said he wanted to take the bike as re-payment for $40 Bent said Brewer had owed him.

Bent’s family would not talk about the accusations the boy faces, but Gordon Weekes, the defense attorney, said, “Although it is a very serious case and a very serious set circumstances, Mr. Bent’s involvement seems to be minimal at this point.

Lamberti said this conflict over petty cash will now leave all involved with serious consequences. “Forty dollars is not worth what the victim is going to experience for the rest of his life or what the kid himself is going to be facing for the rest of his life,” the sheriff said, “not over $40. It’s not worth it. That’s the message we’ve got to tell them: Walk away.”

It still remains unknown whether or not the five suspects will face adult charges.

Meanwhile, Brewer remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s burn unit, receiving treatment for his burns, and doctors said his road to recovery will be a long one.

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Watching This makes you say “F*ck the Police!!”

Posted by inticeonline on 10/11/2009

This cop hit the daughter in the face, after the lady that is being arrested called them in the first place.

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Tameka is All Up in Young Jeezy’s Face,Keyed Usher’s SUV & Banged On His Moms Door!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/11/2009

tamekaFirst Tameka was ranting and raving about how Usher has not sign the papers for the divorce yet. Nevertheless, that has not stopped her from being all up in Young Jeezy’s face, keying Usher’s car and banging on his mom’s door, demanding her kids.  This Chick is Real Crazy

According to the reports, Usher told the Johns Creek Police Department that on Sept. 10, he had a “verbal argument” with Tameka over the phone regarding weekend custody of their children.

Usher told cops that after the argument, he dropped his kids off at his mother’s house — but when he drove back to his home, Tameka showed up “demanding to take the kids.” Usher claims Tameka eventually left and he drove back to his mother’s house — but when Usher got there, Tameka showed up and began “knocking on the door” and making several phone calls to the residence.

Usher claims he and his mom ignored Tameka — and eventually called police. When cops arrived, Tameka was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Usher called police again after he noticed several scratches on his truck — Usher told cops he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before.

In the police report, the responding officers who checked out the scratched car claim they found no evidence to support Usher’s accusation. The cops even reviewed the entrance log to Usher’s private neighborhood … but there was no record of Tameka ever getting into the area where the alleged crime would have taken place.

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Shyne Says “He Never Visited Me Nor Would I Ever Accept A Call or Visit From Diddy”

Posted by inticeonline on 10/11/2009


Shyne spoke out about Diddy lying to folks by telling them that he talked to Shyne:

Daily News quoted Diddy as recently telling Hot 97 he had spoken to Shyne who was “in good spirits,” the now 30-year-old rapper was shocked. “I want it known that this supposed conversation… is a figment of Sean Combsimagination,” he says in a statement. “He never spoke with me, he never visited me nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him. The only way I would do either of those things would be if he stepped up and did the right thing for the victims of the incident.” “I never meant to hurt nobody — I was afraid for my life,” Shyne said at his sentencing in 2001.

Wow Diddy?

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You CANT be Serious!!

Posted by inticeonline on 10/11/2009

reginald-davis18 year old male, Reginald Davis, in Arkansas is being accused of raping and beating his newborn baby, who is only 8 days old.  That is just Disgusting !

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Drake Up For 7 Grammy Pre-Nominations

Posted by inticeonline on 10/05/2009




A Grammy pre-nomination is a list of recordings that are submitted by record companies and individuals. Those songs are displayed in a list where they are voted to actually be an official nominee for whichever category. It’s kind of like the elections with a ballot voting system. The nomination and final voting processes requires that members vote only in their fields of expertise. The 5 recordings that earn the most votes become the nominees. So Drake has been listed 7 times in that list under 5 different categories. That means he hasn’t been nominated yet but there’s chances that he may be! The general public can’t vote but like we stated above, it is members of the Recording Academy(over 150 experts from the recording industry) who will be able to vote. Let’s hope the best for Drake! 7 Grammy Pre-Nominations without an album? That’s insane! Check out the categories & recordings nominated below.

1. Best Rap Solo Performance
a) Drake – Best I Ever Had

2. Best Rap/Sung Collab
a) Mary J. Blige ft. Drake – The One
b) Young Money – Every Girl
c) Drake & Trey Songz – Successful

3. Best Rap Song
a) Drake – Best I Ever Had

4. Record of the Year
a) Drake – Best I Ever Had

5. Song of the Year
a) Drake – Best I Ever Had

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West Coast Revival? Snoop, Dr. Dre and The Game Working Together Again

Posted by inticeonline on 10/03/2009


This picture, taken today, is worth more than a thousand words.

Snoop revealed on Twitter that he and the Game are working on new music with the good Doc.

What can be more gangsta than dis?”, Snoop Dogg wrote in the caption of his Twitpic.We n the studio right now!!! get ready for the west coast takeover. this is how the west was one!!!

How exactly will they execute this “West Coast takeover”? Well, there are no specifics on what music for whose album is getting blessed for this studio session but Snoop’s next album Malice in Wonderland comes out in December. Maybe they’re getting some work done for the eternally delayed Detox?

Or maybe it’s for the Game’s R.E.D. Album?  With 50 Cent essentially having one foot out of the door at Interscope Records, the Game resigned directly to Jimmy Iovine’s juggernaut label after being banished to sister imprint Geffen following his much maligned fall out from G-Unit. The controversial Compton rapper is taking over the spot of his nemesis 50 Cent as the label’s new centerpiece under Eminem and Dr. Dre.

The Game hasn’t worked with Dr. Dre in three years but if this picture is any indication the upcoming his follow up to last year’s L.A.X. should be a monster.

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Mariah Can’t Hang?..

Posted by inticeonline on 10/02/2009


Mariah Carey
was spotted in a NYC restaurant
after a long day of press, and she couldn’t hang according to onlookers.

After doing 18 hours of press, Mariah strolled into One Little West 12th at around 1:30 AM without her husband and two bodyguards and her brother.  Once inside, we hear she ordered a bottle of champagne, barely spoke to anyone at the table and tripped twice when she exited the restaurant to get into her Maybach.

Of course some people blamed Mariah’s crazy behavior on the seven inch-Louboutins she was rocking, but maybe she was sleep deprived from trying to party like a rock star and promote her  CD that no one knows anything about. But whats more concerning  is whether she sipped the champagne that she ordered or if she played it safe since she’s been sporting an alleged “baby bump.”

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My Daddy Always Puts Artists on TV and Takes Their Money

Posted by inticeonline on 10/02/2009


This little girl’s daddy is always stealing money out of his artists’ pockets. He also said recently that he is looking for love. Plus, her dad has a total of five kids including her but she is his 1st daughter. Any Clue???

Click to Find Out…

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The Dream & Christina Milian Preggers?

Posted by inticeonline on 10/01/2009

C Millian & Dream

Christina Milian certainly has her knocked up steez in full effect. Chubby cheeks-check, motherly glow-check, big pregnant mommy boobies-double check. Here she is with her husband The Dream getting some grub in Beverly Hills last night.

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Floyd Mayweather & Chilli Coupled up?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


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No Comment for This Picture.. but REALLY?

Posted by inticeonline on 09/30/2009


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Remember the show Smart guy??

Posted by inticeonline on 09/29/2009

Well… Apparently the sister from the show Actress Essence Atkins recently got married to her boyfriend Jamie Mendez who she met on a popular internet dating site last year in February. According to Essence, she met Jamie on and the two have been inseparable ever since

essencewedI wrote him a quick little note that I had read his profile, and then I signed off, Happy SAD Day – that’s Single Awareness Day,”  says Essence

A week later, Essence and Jamie had their first date and a year after that were engaged. The wedding took place at Ambassador Mansion and Gardens

in Pasadena, CA. The favors consisted of match books and travel size candles for people coupled up and the single guests received six months free membership on Match.Com. Jamie who is Puerto-Rican was surprised that his wife got him an original salsa band for the weeding.

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Posted by inticeonline on 09/10/2009

Fizz & Boog – Bounce (Official Video)

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Drake Ft. Trey Songz – Successful – Official Music Video

Posted by inticeonline on 08/31/2009


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The Final Hours Of DJ AM

Posted by inticeonline on 08/31/2009



As the New York City Medical Examiners office struggles to find the cause of DJ AM’s tragic passing, authorities have discovered the inner workings of his last day.

At 1 a.m. on the day he was discovered in his NYC apartment, Adam Goldstein (AKA DJ AM) sent a text message to two friends about his Las Vegas gig that day at Rain Nightclub at the Palms.

Sixteen hours later, his friends called 911 because the deejay could not be reached before his scheduled flight as he was not answering his cell phone.

According to a police source, the NYPD broke down the door to his SoHo apartment to find him lifeless.

The initial autopsy report was proved “inconclusive,” so a toxicology report will be expected in the following weeks, despite drugs found on the scene.

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Teairra Marie is Getting it Together

Posted by inticeonline on 08/31/2009


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Whitney’s Big Day

Posted by inticeonline on 08/31/2009


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Battle of the Guts… Nivea vs. Jazze Pha

Posted by inticeonline on 08/31/2009


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